Go through a unique experience

Participants attend a 3.5 hours workshop that alternates coaching (Group discussions/Circle times) and painting.

In every workshop, all participants will work on the same masterpiece that will be the model to be revisited following step by step the guidelines given by Imen, painter and creativity coach. Imen will take into account everyone’s pace. She will also encourage participants to follow their inspiration and add their personal touches. We provide participants with all what they need for painting: brushes, paint, canvas, aprons but also music, positive energy and conviviality... all the ingredients are there to have an excellent time! At the end of the workshop everyone will leave with their work.

We also offer to participants the opportunity to live in this workshop a unique coaching experience lead by Souad, skills development consultant and creativity coach. Coaching is about increasing self-awareness to lead to self-development. It takes place at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the workshop around group sharing times, exercises, testimonies and feedbacks. At the end of the workshop everyone will leave with their own action plan to boost their creativity.

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