I would like to thank very much Souad and Imen for their workshop l'Artiste C'est Moi. I was impressed by the first two questions that led me to a message that I want to convey. I had a fantastic time and tonight I painted a very strong message for my daughter who will tell me that everything will be fine.
I participated three times to the workshop “L’Artiste C’est Moi”! My experience in the first workshop was very disappointing, I had a lot of pressure on my shoulders, the kind of pressure you put on yourself. I ended up understanding that it was not a question of reproducing an exact copy of the original canvas but of unleashing my creativity. During the two other participations, the pressure had completely disappeared, I had an splendid experience to the point that I became addicted. It really releases creativity and especially in a very friendly and warm atmosphere.
Thanks to this experience led by Souad and Imen, who intervene alternately in a very well-orchestrated tempo, we follow the instructions with confidence and maturity that allow us to realize that in everything we do, we are certainly autonomous, but we still need to choose the right direction, the right path. We learnt how to step back to select the right gesture and choose the right set of colors that reflect back, the best and the most, who we are. And we get to see things differently. In a simpler and more beautiful way.
L’Artiste C’est Moi combines creativity and coaching in an innovative way. It allows participants to discover their creative profiles that will ultimately help them become better leaders, better parents, better human beings. It was a great pleasure to participate in this event.
As an Agile Coach, the workshop L’Artiste C’est Moi was for me the opportunity to validate the theory of Daniel Pink, author of 'the truth about what motivates us', according to which the secret of the team performance is mastery, autonomy and self-direction. The workshop focused on Frida Kahlo's self-portrait. Within few minutes, thanks to the support of the two coaches Imen and Souad, we got by to master colors, brushes and to work on the outline of Frida's features. This physical contact with materials was delightful. We were autonomous because everyone had their own canvas. Everyone could freely use their imagination, to modify Frida's features, the colors of his crown or jewels. Within 2 hours, the workshop had a meaning, a clear goal: finalize the portrait. Working together around this shared vision and in a limited space-time has created an incredible team dynamic. There was also a positive competitiveness of who did the best work. There was a palpable energy in the air. And after 2 hours we left with the satisfaction and pride of an accomplished work. Frida might not be smiling at her portrait, but certainly smiled in her grave.
We are not always aware of the potential we have and how able we are to accomplish very great things through new and ingenious ideas. L’Artiste C’est Moi workshop is a very unique artistic experience that increased my self-awareness about my own potential thanks to the support of two professionals : Souad Annabi Hajjem as a professional coach and Imen Bouden as a painter. In a smart and very professional way, they were able to influence participants and push them to change their mindset from fears and obstacles to courage and will. These moments allowed me to discover that we all have an artist who hibernates somewhere in us and who, once awake can do wonderful things. Mark Twain used to say, "They did not know it was impossible, so they did it" and that's the main goal of the workshop "L4arriste C’est Moi". I thank you again for this wonderful experience and encourage everyone to go through it. It will break your limiting beliefs.
To all those who have never participated in this kind of course that combines painting with personal coaching to quickly register! What good memories with you two Imene and Souad and with the MEDIANAUTES. I am proud of my painting Frida kahlo !
We were looking for ateambuilding activity and I thought about trying the workshop L'Artiste C'est Moi. I had then the opportunity to participate to the very first session which was very rewarding for the whole team both in terms of creativity, confidence in their personal abilities but also for the great moment we spent with Souad and Imen.
"Within our company, we often do not have the time to focus on ourselves and take the time for a moment of creativity, Then came the idea of the Artist is Me, coaching by Art, time passed quickly and I miraculously made it. I personally feared contact with brushes and colors. At the end my creative work was complted and this experience gave me more self-confidence and allowed me to unleash the hidden innovation in me, a very beautiful experience that I highly recommend. My satisfaction was so high that I went back a second time"
A unique concept where coaching and personal development are synonyms of art and creativity. A workshop that allowed me to discover myself, to use my full potential and especially to learn how to let go .. An unforgettable experience to renew without moderation! Thank you to our two coaches!